Bierhof is a German brand that adds the responsibility in terms of quality, design, and discipline. We fully understand that customer satisfaction in all aspects is the most important criterion of our work.

In our contemporary world cuisine became the place where we spend more and more time, and is not just a part of our houses in the traditional sense. From this point of view, Bierhof’s research and development are designed to assist people in preparing delicious dishes in the kitchen getting great pleasure.

Bierhof follows new technologies and development and as a result we have already got many patented products.

Determining our line of work, we mainly focus on household appliances for the kitchen as the electrical and others. Although the product range in each country has its own specifics, it should be noted that the main Bierhof product range includes:


  • 18/10 stainless steel cook ware sets;
  • pressure cookers;
  • pots and pans with non-stick coating;
  • glassware;
  • bakeware;
  • mixers;
  • blenders;
  • food processors;
  • toasters;
  • choppers;
  • electrical kettles;
  • kitchen plates;
  • table vacuum cleaners.

Today Bierhof is being sold in more than 18 countries, including Europe and theUSA. Thank you for purchasing the right product for the right work.

 Your Bierhof